Who we are

Something that I know of ....... Sugherificio Europa

Our small family industry …


Each cap can be customized measures and qualitative selections. The caps can be stamped depending on the customer wishes. The heads can be colored, neutral and with different materials


Sugherificio Europa is constantly changing and updating to keep pace with the times. We constantly look to leverage the technology of materials, processing and manufacturing techniques to satisfy our customers


We cater primarily to wineries and wholesalers, but the new site we also want to dedicate a space to small retailers and to end consumers.

Technics and Tecnology

The production techniques are advanced and constantly updated. The machinery and equipment are conducive to sugherieri products of unquestionable quality


We work closely with other craftsmen, workshops and manufacturers. A small industrial center that has experienced great industrial expansion time can not ignore the continuous comparison with other local entities

Artwork nature

A process that strongly depends on the quality of the raw material can not in any case regardless of the legacy left by the artisan for the production of cork stoppers

why companies choose us

We are able to meet every need. Our attention to customers’ needs is crucial to develop the best solutions for each product to be bottled

Our Mission

The Sugherificio Europe is a company that operates in the cork sector, molded stoppers for distillery and domestic use.
The Sugherificio Europe and recognizes the importance and the need to use an organizational and productive system able to ensure the quality of care and services provided to customer satisfaction


Few in Calangianus have established a quality system complies with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9002-edition of 1994. The continued application of quality assurance rules allows the cork factory europe srl to keep under control the following activities: production of natural cork stoppers, shaped for distillery and domestic use.


Our solutions allow you to identify, for each customer, how to meet business needs. We produce natural cork stoppers with or without glass and plastic material wood heads, for oil distillates and vinegar. conical caps, bonde dowel plugs agglomeration, ball head, hemispherical head, knurled heads and many other proposals

Satin Natural corks 5%
Natural corks with wood or plastic head 40%
Natural cork stoppers mushroom-shaped 30%
Ogive cap with natural cork 20%
Cap with dispenser for oil / vinegar 2%

Top management Team

The renovated top team in early 2017. The new arrivals bring new skills in organizational, legal, and are ready to make a wink to new foreign markets

Paolo Castiglia
Paolo Castiglia
Co-Founder / CEO
Maria Antonietta Castiglia
Maria Antonietta Castiglia
Foreign relations
Vincenzo Campus
Vincenzo Campus
Co-Founder / CFO
Monica Castiglia
Monica Castiglia
Commercial Director
Gabriella Castiglia
Gabriella Castiglia


The environment, the elements, actions and ideas. All treated with passion, in order to enable the cap to preserve the most delicate and natural flavors