Agglomerate 1+1 cork cap

The cork cork agglomerated with two natural cork washers at the ends (one plus one), provides excellent value for money as it has the same properties as the whole cork natural cork but a significantly lower price. It is suitable mainly for ready-to-drink bottling or white wines not intended for aging

Pack of 100 pieces, Measures 24×38, Timbrable on demand





100% cork and natural glues
Measurements (diameter DxH) 24 × 38, 24 × 40, 26 × 40, 26 × 42, 24 × 44, 25 × 44 (Other measures on request)
Classes available: Topflor / Flor / EasyFlor
Color: Natural cork
Timbrabile with clichés to be quoted or standard stampings (eg wines, bottled in our cellars)
Bevel not expected
Lubricated and washed

Available on shop online in measure 24×38 and packaging with 100 pieces


100 pieces


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