Knit plastic head cap

The knurled plastic head cap is entirely made of natural cork, washed, lubricated and with a slight bevel invitation to quickly plug and unpack everyday use bottles.
A product that should never fail in the kitchens of houses, restaurants, taverns, bars.

Pack of 10 pcs, Head Color : Black, Yellow and Military Green,  Caps diameter 19mm




The fully natural cork stopper with the knurled plastic head allows you to easily pull out the cap. Perfect for home use and closure of bottles not consumed to be stored. Give a color note to your table

Cap height 27 mm
Cap size Diameter 19 mm (other sizes available)
Available Class TopFloor (only the top for you)
Available in Black, Military Green and Yellow
Smudging with invitation
Lubricated and washed
Available in 10 pcs bags
* For different measurements, headforms or other variations, please contact us and we will be happy to help
For any needle stamping needs on the cap of the cap please contact us freely



giallo, nero,


10 pieces


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