Natural Cork cap

Natural cork caps ideal for home bottling.
The 100 pack package allows amateurs and small producers to keep the results of their vineyard in complete serenity.
Available in various sizes and two quality classes (Flor and TopFlor*) to ensure the choice according to your needs

*TopFlor is best quality


 12,20 31,72


100% natural cork
Other diameter cap Measurements available by request (diameter x height): 26×40, 24×40, 24×45, 24X50, 26×40, 26X45, 26X50, 26X55, 28×40, 28X45, 30X40, 30X45
Other Classes available by request  TopFloor / Floor / EasyFloor / LowFlor
Color: Natural cork
Timbrabile with clichés to be quoted or standard stampings (eg wines, bottled in our cellars)
Bevel not expected
Lubricated and washed
Available at shop online in packages of 100 pieces


20×10, 25×15, 28×40


Floor, TopFlor


100 pieces


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