Cork Cap with wood head

The wood head cap is entirely made of natural cork with a wooden headboard, perfect for home use and closure of bottles not consumed to be stored. Washed, lubricated and with a slight bevel invitation to quickly plug and unpack the daily bottles.

A product that should never fail in the kitchens of houses, restaurants and taverns.

Topfloor quality, Caps diameter dimension 19mm




Other Dimensions Diameter Caps  mm. 18  and mm. 19
Cap height 27 MM
Measures Head 28×10 e 29×13
Other Available Classes TopFloor / Floor / EasyFloor
Color Beech Head
Flat / Bomb / Spherical / Semisferic heads
Thicker on flat head
Smoothing on request with invitation
Lubricated and washed
Available in 10 pcs bags in shoponline


10 pieces

Head Shape

Rounded, Flat, Semispherical, Spherical


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